Daniel Christoph

My name is Daniel Christoph from germany and my age is round about 39 :-D
I am the founder of the [KMUA-D] RWD movement which is a bunch of rwd  enthusiasts who want to enjoy drifting and i support my

local rc dealer

I started rc drifting in 2011 to 2012 after watching japanese rc drift videos on youtube with a used tamiya ta04.
In the end of 2013 i started drifting rear wheeldrive and my actual Chassis are all rwd now.
At the moment i own 3 rwd chassis:
-Yokomo mr4tc sd
-my own custom built md76 rwd
-express mrr2pro m chassis rwd

In 2014 i started to built my own rc drift track in my backyard to be able to test and practice more and to

invite friends for some relaxed drifting.