Jose Carlos Gonzalez

Aircraft: Pilot Extra 330
Radio: ix12 Spektrum
Engine: DLE120cc
Servos: OMG
Sponsors:  RCOMG Servos, RadiocontrolMX

I started in radio control in 2004, nothing out of the ordinary,
Electric, Glow Airplanes and Electric Helicopters
In 2010 I Started with gasoline airplanes
my first one was a Yak 54 50cc from Extreme Flight
With this plane I started in IMAC Basic for 1 year
Then I left flying imac for a few years ...
In 2017 I adopted IMAC as my flight discipline
and in 2018 I won the 1st National Place in IMAC Basic (Mexico)
In that time I participated in the organization of IMAC Mexico events
TEAM MEXICO was founded in 2018 and I Started beeing part of it
2019 I jumped of category to IMAC Sportsman
My first contest in this category was in August 2019 in abilene Texas, winning 3rd place
I am a member of a club in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico
were I organize racing aircraft events (Q500 and Trainers) and freestyles events in México
I have a blog about Reviews and Tutorials to help people about radio control!
I like to help the new Pilots!
This is my story in RC lifestyle!!
Thank you for reading!

Jose Carlos Gonzalez (El Master)
Instagram: @elmasterrc