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Scott Mahar(OutLast Drifting)
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United States
Scott Mahar ( OutLast Drifting )
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I have had the love for cars and RC Cars sense I was a kid, and have been RC Drifting for over 6 years now. I love to be an inch from someone's door all 
the way around the track; it's like a delicate dance with the brake and gas. The last 6 years setting up drift tracks for all to use, doing RC drift demos 
and car shows.
A few of my top drift comps:
Sacramento drift comp 2011  1st
Top drifter HPI comp in 2012  1st
San Jose drift comp   2014  1st
I place in the top three in most comps entered.
Drift Chassis I have owned:
Yokomo MR4-TD-BD (50/50) center one-way
Yokomo DRB (50/50) center one-way
Yokomo DIB  (50/50) center one-way
My Current Drift Chassis Using:
SAKURA D4 -best car I have ever driven.
MST FXX -beyond VIP
Building YOKMO DIB-rear motor conversion RWD
All cars with RC OMG servos in them.
Other RC that I Own:
One of a kind custom built Tamiya Semi truck, (Outlast Semi Truck)
One of a kind custom built Tamiya Tow Truck, (Outlast tow truck)
The Ultimate Tamiya High Lift, the (Outlast Fire Truck)
Richard Arroyo I actually got into rc drifting by coincidence. A friend of mine helped me fix a vehicle I had and as payment I gave him an electric on road rc car. The next day he went to the hobby store and bout some plastic drift tires and invited me over. I drove it for a mins and was hooked on instantly and brought myself another car the day after that and been drifting ever since which was 2 years ago.I drift 2-3 times a week or more if I can make the time. I'm part of the local drift team at JDM Speedway (Sanford, FL) and truly enjoy drifting with some good friends.