Tim Bloore

Hello, my name is Tim Bloore.

I first got into RC's back when Nitro was the big thing and not many ran electric. On-road touring car was my passion and racing my HPI RS4 hooked me into the hobby. Years later I moved into the electric brushless scene and never looked back on the noisy nitro. From off-road short course and buggy to on-road touring car RC's slowly turned into a passion, it was no longer just a hobby.

One day I came across some RC's online I could have sworn were real trucks and my love for scale crawler and drifter building was born. No longer was the speed on the track where my fun was, it was building realistic cars and trucks I could use on the tracks and trails. My current RC's are a 1:10 Axial SCX10 with an RC4WD Toyota Hilux body and my drifter is a 3Racing Sakura D4 with ABC Hobby's Nissan Skyline.

I have since started a YouTube channel VS Customs talking about new products and different RC goodies I'm currently running and checking out along with different paint and customs RC upgrades anyone can do at home.

I run the RC OMG D5 servo in all my crawlers. From the aluminum housing to the titanium gears, I know it won't break down and leave me on the trails, As for their motors I am testing their new 3800KV Mirage motor with great success. This is one motor that will be in all my trucks.

As for my drifter I run all RC OMG has to offer, from Epic 10.5T motor and 120A ESC the lightning fast D3 line of servos. I don't want power dropping out or slow wheel speeds and I definitely don't want a cheaper brand of servo leaving my car broken from glitch.

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