Raquel Bellot

My name is Raquel Bellot and I am from Spain.

My father introduced me to the helicopters hobby. I have been Fly RC Helis about 13 years. This hobby is a life style for me. I have been fly for competitions and demostrations in many countries.

Competitions & Events:

3DX Spain, 3D Masters, Heli Masters, 3D Cup France, Zone Format, Align Funfly, HeliFest, Air competition, Rotor Live, IRCHA, Alpine Heli Smackdown..

The OMG servos have an excellent quality, high precision, speed and efficiency. Designed to serve the needs of the most demanding pilots.

My sponsors:

TSA MODEL, OXY Heli,Spinblades,Kontronik, BeastX, Optipower,Optifuel, OMG Servo