The Top and First Female French Driver in RCOMG

Column:RCOMG Team Time:2020-11-12

Emeline Audubert, from France, 26 years old and I have been playing model for 18 years. I was born in a family of modeler, I played rc cars since 

I was 8 yearsand my father known as Chrono racing and today I am on his steps.  I joined the club "Pegase rc APT” in 2002,there are 200 members 

till now, and we hold all types of rc race. My discipline is TT1 / 8 termique. I participate in all types of races: GP, championship ect. I won my league 

title and I got my first star in 2016 in France, I am the only woman in the whole history of modelism in France.

Today I sign a contract with OMG servo to be the first female driver and I am very happy with this partnership! I have a fighting spirit and I never 

give up. I have no doubt that we will make a good team together.